Saturday, June 13, 2009


I saw a post here at The Art of Manliness that said to always have a handkerchief around.  I decided, what the heck.  I may as well give it a try.  I’ve been carrying around a white slightly checkered handkerchief for a while now, and they are, in fact, pretty awesome.  I hate sneezing or whatever and having no tissues available, and my handkerchief (I refuse to call it a hanky) alleviates this issue.  I also use it, say, If I’ve been wearing fancy clothes in a warm/hot room:  you always get just the slightest bit sweaty, but don’t want to wipe your forehead on your sleeve or the like.  Answer:  handkerchief.  I wish I had a black one, though… I think I’ll get one either tomorrow or the day after that when we go to the store.  Maybe I’ll see if I have some black cloth and make one myself.

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  1. Did you find a black one? If not, I'll look here in Oregon for you. Also, I hear that you should ALWAYS have duct tape on you as well!