Friday, April 17, 2009

A shameless bit of self-promotion and a real post

Hey.  If you like my blog, please pass it on to your friends!  Just tell ‘em to go to, mmkay?




Wanted to put in a bit about  For those of you who have never used or heard of meebo, I highly recommend it.  What it does is it allows you to connect to all your IM services at once – no more extra windows cause one of your friends refuses to use anything but yahoo or something.  Supported IM services are:

  • MSN (Windows Live Messenger)
  • AIM
  • Yahoo! Messenger
  • MySpace Chat
  • Google Talk
  • ICQ
  • Jabber
  • Are You Interested
  • Aujourd Hui
  • dotblu chat
  • Footytube
  • GGL
  • ibeatyou
  • ImageChef
  • JacketFlap
  • MingleVille
  • MixPod
  • MyWorkster
  • Piczo
  • Playfire
  • RedeParede
  • Sparkteens
  • Wadja
  • Wixi
  • Yonja
  • Zorpia
  • Facebook chat

So there you have it.  Thanks for reading!

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