Monday, February 23, 2009

Stargazing & Mensa

As I write this post, I'm out here on the patio looking at stars. I just found the constellation Orion and the stars Betelguese, Rigel, Procyon, Pollux, Castor, and Aldebaran. Oh, and Venus is up.

On a related note, Google Earth needs to add a red tint feature to it so that people (such as me) can use it as a star chart without killing my night vision.

Today I was messing around on the Internet and discovered the Mensa Workout Quiz. I took it twice and got 21/30 the first time and 27/30 the second time. The computer that runs Mensa thinks I'd probably pass the Mensa quiz and get in! Just for fun, here's one of the trickier questions:

Find the next letter in this sequence:

I'll give the answer as a comment if anyone wants it.

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